What does the self-health quantification blockchain (SHQB) do for you?

Personal health record

The SHQB provides a consistent, private, reliable location for your data you can access easily using a variety of applications. Information will never be too old or impossible to access and it stays with you for life.

You can approve medical provider access to your information, which is easily downloadable and augmented by any practitioner.

Allows you to collect data on symptoms and responses to medications, nutritional therapies, and other lifestyle modifications. Graphs provide easy to read information on trends and changes over time; including a timeline chart that shows how events in your life correspond with changes in your health.

Recording what you think is significant empowers you to view a visual representation of your health data. With this information, you may choose to make personal changes to benefit your health resilience. You also empower your health care practitioners to help you through access to pre-analyzed historical health data.

Research data provision

Consistency in data collection and categorization allows you to participate in retrospective and prospective research programs. Crypto-tokenization can be used for incentivization.

The technology behind the self-health-qualification-blockchain

The SHQB is a “private notary book” for for health data collected by the consumer and standardized for ubiquitous use across the whole health industry and research.

The SHQB is decentralized, using a peer-to-peer content-addressable-storage to distribute the data, and is resilient to network outage.

The data is securely chained with a sponge hash-function (SHAKE224) and one-time-signatures

Consensus between each participating nodes is obtained with an idempotent merge of the recorded data . Avoiding any costly poof-of-work mechanism,

The SHQB doesn’t require a large network to be operational. making interoperability and synchronization with other technologies (apps etc) simple.


A one-time-identity tokenization is used to protect user privacy. Real Identities are concealed and necessary data elements for “individualized” analysis are preserved with asymmetric cryptography and shared secrets.

The user solely grants access to the data for certified personal and registered organization


The SHQB integrates fundamental blockchain concepts with decentralization, asymmetric cryptography and de-identification to create an easy to understand technology.

The SHQB holds the potential to improve access to and quality of research data collection, as well as, medical, nutrition and lifestyle care,

It empowers patients, researchers, and providers to work together toward the development of individualized care, with a secure permanent data record available across organizations and borders while mitigating the risk of breaches.

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