Finance, Insurance, Healthcare, all rely on leaky proof in their operations, leading to the bigger horror stories, from perso info leaked, CCard number,

Self sovereign Identity requires a mean of proving one identity or [nym], without giving away critical information which can be malinianly reuse by corrupted individuals

a proof can be

  • an age range proof
  • a degree possession proof, (degree signed by University)
  • a proof of solvency (balance > X) (certified by financial institution)
  • a statement of ID attribute certified by institution or gov)
  • a solution to an equation proof f(x) = 0
  • a proof of membership
  • a proof of trust

Proofs property:

  • completeness (if both honest can’t convince it is false)
  • soundness (if false can’t convince it is true)
  • zero-knowledge

Zero Knowledge Proof

Example : interactive ZK Proof Riddles

Homomorphism (arithmetically conservative)

  • F(x+y) = F(x) + F(y)

commitement (bet in future)

msg -[commit]-> H(msg) -[open]-> msg (msg revealed)

homomorphic commitment + range inner product proofs

This is where zero-knowledge proof are powerful

Cryptography give us a way to secure point-to-point communication,

Pseudo anonymous blockchain try to solve the “point-to-many” security permission blockchain are simply using the point-to-point i.e. the security problem disappear when intermediary are removed